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1832Mr. Sahei Kunieda opens "Nankin Store," manufacturing cotton bedding in Higashi-ku, Nagoya.
1916The company was renamed Kunieda Shouten.
1917Manufacture of absorbent cotton was started.
1835Full scale manufacture and sale of absorbent cotton was started at what is now the location of the Nagoya Head Office.
1958Company incorporated as Kunieda Company Limited
1958Company name changed to Kunieda Sanitary Goods Company Limited.
1961Kansai Kaishinsha Company Limited is incorporated in Itami. (Company name changed to Suzuran Sanitary Goods Co., Ltd. in 1968).
1962Tokyo office established.
1962Development, production and sale of "Suzuran" sanitary napkin.
1963Suzuran establishes a factory dedicated to only manufacturing activities.
1966Sapporo office established.
1970Automatic refinement and bleaching equipment for gauze and bandages installed at Nishio factory. Allows integrated production system from unwoven fabric to finished products.
1971New equipment allows the production of the cotton pads "New Puff" and "Cool Puff."
1974Tohoku factory and Tohoku office were established in Fukushima Prefecture.
1975Kyushu office was established in Fukuoka.
1979Kunieda Sanitary Goods Co., Ltd. merges with subsidiary Suzuran Sanitary Goods Co., Ltd. and takes the new company name Suzuran Sanitary Goods Co., Ltd.
1982New facilities for continuous automatic absorbent cotton refining and bleaching.
1984Finished installation of equipment to produce cleaning cotton wipes.
1984Introduction of sterilization equipment.
1985Manufacture and sale of "Opex" gauze with x-ray detectable thread.
1986Tokoname factory starts producing gauze.
1987The cotton opening and picking factory is expanded to two floors.
1991Construction complete on new head office building.
1991Kyushu factory and Kyushu office are established in Fukuoka Prefecture.
1991Production of Kansai factory was shifted to the Kyushu factory.
1991New factory was founded in Shanghai, China.
1992Tokoname factory was closed and the equipment shifted to Shanghai.
1997New factory was founded in Suzhou, China.
2000Tokyo office moved to Heiwajima, Tokyo.
2000Shanghai factory acquired certification of ISO 9002.
2002Cosmetic brand "LilyBell" registered and launches in Japan.
2003Suzhou factory acquired certification of ISO 9001.
2004Nishio factory was closed.
2004Tohoku factory was closed.
2005Shanghai factory and Suzhou factory acquired certification of ISO 13485.
2008Eiichi Kunieda becomes Chairman of the Board. Yasuhiro Kunieda becomes President and CEO.
2009Tokyo Office moved to Hamamatsu-cho.
2011Kyushu plant closes.
2011Signed a capital and business tie-up with Osaki Medical.
2012Factory founded in Changzhou, China.
2013Integrated the Kansai office into the Sales Division at the Head Office.
2013Tokyo Office moved to Kanda, Tokyo.
2017New factory was founded in Hanoi , VietNam.